Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shipping Status Etc., and BUTTERNUTS

We expect to start shipping standard hazel tubelings on Wednesday, pretty much right on time! - 5/15 is our earliest possible ship date, and we usually ship standard tubelings Wed-Thurs of each week so that they arrive for the weekend ready to plant.
PRETTY PLEASE keep in mind that there are 155 orders on the shipping queue- and the first one placed in 2011 is number 76 in line. Not all the plants are ready, and we don't currently have the capacity to ship that many orders in a day anyway.
Also- much to our dismay, the personnel disruptions we had in February-March mean that our first CHESTNUTS WON'T SHIP UNTIL MID-JUNE. We apologize for this; if you had both hazels and chestnuts in your order you can either opt to wait until both are ready, or have us ship them separately when ready, at no further cost to you.

Most of the rest of our bare-root dormant tubeling orders will ship this week. If you ordered XL or Select bare-root hazels and specified no substitutions, we don't have it and most likely will not next year either. We will be contacting you regarding options for back-order, substitution, or refund.

GOOD NEWS! We DO have about 70 of our Survivor butternuts dug and ready to ship– these are 6-0 and 7-0, coppiced last spring with the summers' re-growth. We have mostly "normal sized" plants, about 12-24" tops, at the old 5-0 prices, and about 16 "magnum" plants, with tops generally 24" or over, and particularly robust roots– these are $18 apiece. I'll be sending out an email with the details as soon as I can- THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME WE SHIP THESE at least for the next 5 years.

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