Saturday, May 21, 2011

Free Range Chicken & Guinea Hatching Eggs For Sale

Ameraucana and Brahma eggs

If you're not already aware, we're now keeping/growing both chickens and guinea fowl at Badgersett Farm, as an integrated part of growing the nut crops.

The birds provide multiple services, and produce multiple products. They eat grass (way more than expected, particularly the guineas) and reduce our mowing costs; they eat bugs constantly, we hope including nut weevils, they provide substantial rapid fertility to the plants, and they adjust the soil pH upward, again, more than expected. Besides which, we get eggs and meat.
We are keeping records of costs/expenses and our expectation at this point is that the birds contribute far more positives than they cost.

Right now- we are able to offer both chicken and guinea "hatching eggs" for sale; specifically these are eggs from selected parents, and from birds that have proven to be survivors in a complex true free range environment.

Virtually all the chickens available commercially have been selected for only 1 of several factors; maximum meat, OR maximum egg production, OR "beauty". Finding stock that is selected for multiple traits is extremely difficult; and finding chicks or eggs from long-term free range flocks is likewise difficult.

Our chickens will be: hybrids! Big surprise! But not random mutts. Inevitably, I am unable to prevent myself from working on improving the genetics of our birds. The pure strains we've tested have always been strong on one or two characteristics, and weak on others. We need birds that fit our situation; so we're breeding for what we need.

Chicken eggs available are from a pen with two roosters; a pure Partridge Cochin

and a rooster hatched here last year, 1/2 Buff Orpington 1/2 Ameraucana.
The hens in this particular chicken tractor are 6 Ameraucanas, 3 Brahmas, and 1 Blue Cochin. The Ameraucanas are 2 years old, the others 1; all surviving as total free range during the day, and enclosed at night (our big predator problem is owls).

The list of characters we are selecting/breeding for is too long for this post; but includes large adult size (less hawk problems) and good potential for going "broody" - the ability to hatch their own eggs, and mother the chicks.

The guinea hatching eggs we have at the moment are much less well defined; but include survival as free range birds as the largest factor.

We can ship eggs to you; or you can pick them up here (always best). We can not guarantee your eggs will hatch (no one in the business can or does) - but what we DO guarantee is that they are fresh and fertile when we deliver them to you or the post office.

We haven't done this before! (selling hatching eggs) so we'll be feeling our way into it. Please ask your questions here on the blog, that will help.

PRICES: Chicken hatching eggs: $4.00 each; guinea hatching eggs; $3.00 each; plus shipping, of course.

Email or give us a call to arrange it–; 888-557-4211

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