Thursday, January 12, 2012

Yes, we have plants for 2012

We ARE currently taking orders for 2012 shipment of plants; as a rule we will take orders up to one year in advance of first desired ship date.
We expect more bare-root dormant tubeling hazel and chestnut material than usual this year, and possibly some hickory-pecan as well.
We also have excellent availability for nearly all classes of standard tubelings, except for some select and XL hazels which may be sold out, depending on how the early growing season goes here.
We will be updating our pricing within the next month, BUT YOU CAN LOCK IN TODAY'S PRICES BY PLACING YOUR ORDER NOW!
Along with the pricing update will come some new plant types, including the first-available-anywhere MACHINE PICKED seed. Highly experimental, of course.
Since our plant catalog threatens to become even more complex, we may also add a "just send me some hazel plants" option.
Hopefully I will be able to put some very basic updates on the main website as well.

Soon to come: an official announcement for this year's Short Course, to be held March 30-April 1 with farm tour on April 2.