Saturday, March 26, 2011

We have plants!

In this picture you can see some of the over 20,000 plants we have started in the main, solar-heated greenhouse (starting on February 2; this picture taken Feb. 28). Each of those tags is in one frame = 98 plants! This is more than we produced all last year, but we are already sold out of some classes. Below is a copy of the email I just sent out to our catalog list; send an email to if you didn't get that email, and want to be on the list.

These availability numbers are of course estimates, because of variability in seed germination, the growing season, and customers' cancellation or postponement of outstanding orders. If you want plants that are "sold out", you can still send in your order to save your spot in line for when they do become available, and if you specify "ship when ready" for a ship date, we may be able to get you plants earlier than we expected. As always, your order is more likely to be filled if you specify that you WILL take substitutions.

PLEASE NOTE: We have reduced our minimum order to $50, but this has not yet been changed on the website.

REGARDING EXPERIMENTAL HAZELS: These are rated "Experimental" because they either have a teeny bit of Eastern Filbert Blight on them, or we don't have enough years of crop records in the database. A substantial number of these plants will end up being upgraded to "Guaranteed" as we process the backlog of data from the past several harvests. In long-term planting planning, we would be very comfortable planting 50% Experimental. Higher percentage experimental at higher densities will have marginally higher initial costs, but are likely to produce a substantially better final stand.

BARE ROOT: Sold out except for:
Medium/Experimental Medium: about 100 available
Medium-Nut Wildlife/ Experimental MNW: about 100 available
Wildlife/ Wildlife-Select: about 30 available

Select parents definitely sold out through 2011, and we may be reaching "sold out" for 2012 shipment.
All others sold out until 2012, except for standard tubelings of the following classes:

Guaranteed Wildlife and Wildlife-Select: Limited; may be sold out.
Experimental Medium-Nut Wildlife: Thousands available.
Experimental Medium: Thousands available.
Experimental Large: Thousands available.
Experimental Extra-Large: Limited, may be sold out.

All-Purpose: about 100 available
Nut type: about 300 available
Tree type: sold out

All-Purpose: Thousands available.
Nut type: Thousands available.
Tree type: Limited, not yet sold out.

About 100 available.

Availability is excellent. Please note that this is the first year we're really shipping these, and we have not fully evaluated our standard establishment practices for the hickories. Therefore, mortality may be higher. They are still covered by our standard survival guarantee, which allows for a graded discount on replacement plants depending on your mortality rate.

Extremely limited supply of coppiced (top cut off) 6-0 bare-root nursery stock. Notify us if you're interested; we will let those interested know when availability and timing are clear. Special pricing and ship date restrictions apply.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Denise Walser-Kolar Presents Badgersett Hazel Paintings Going To London

(click for larger view. low-resolution details of larger drawings)

These are all paintings of Badgersett hybrid hazels; we've worked with Ms. Walser-Kolar to provide material for the past two years. Now, we are extremely proud to announce, she has been invited to show her work at the Royal Horticultural Society Botanical Art Show, in London; this March. This event and her work were covered in the Rochester Post Bulletin, a week ago (link no longer working).

We've seen small-scale proofs of all of her works for this exhibit, and they're really quite outstanding! As soon as I get the database updated, we'll be offering at least some of the earliest of this series she did as greeting cards; possibly prints and (with some further work) calendars as well. I also very much look forward to seeing these works in person. Congratulations, Denise!

UPDATE:  She won!!  A Silver Gilt Medal; one of the top awards, which carries with it the right to show any of her work at this show for the next 3 years!  "Congratulations" just isn't a strong enough word!   : - )