Monday, December 3, 2012

not good news update 1

It's Monday; Meg did have her major reconstructive surgery on her knee last Friday.  Here's the back story if you're just starting to follow this stuff.

The doctor, a top Mayo orthopedic surgeon we are delighted with, said he was "very, very, pleased with how the operation went."  It did, however, take 5 hours, with a surgical team of at least 8 people we met beforehand.  Being under full general anesthesia for 5 hours straight is tough just in itself.

She now has 6 titanium screws, and 3 (I think) titanium plates in her right knee.  And she is not supposed to put ANY weight on it; for 3 months.  The expectation is to recover at least 90% of original mobility; the healed restoration should allow that.

Meanwhile; Meg has now been in bed and immobile for going on 2 weeks; which is enough to cause weakness all on its own, of course.  We're hoping to have her back home here tomorrow, Tuesday.