Friday, April 23, 2010

Work this weekend, April 24-25

It's looking a bit like rain, but we've got plenty to do in the greenhouses as well (including cleanup and finishing hazel husking). We'll be available for work both Saturday starting at 10:30 AM and Sunday starting at 10. Chance of rain is slightly lower on Sunday, so that might be the best idea if you want to be out in the field.

Meet at the white van or greenhouse- if it's raining please don't drive any further than the white van (where the gravel on the driveway ends).

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Propagation day, Sunday the 18th 9:30 AM

We'll be holding a farm work-in-training day this Sunday, April 17. Field cloning. We're attempting a serious push this year, towards the goal of transforming some acres of Badgersett Farm from research-oriented to production-oriented management. It's time.
Show up on the farm around 9:30 AM. After your first full day of farm work, you'll be earning credit towards plant purchases or up to 50% of short course or consulting fees. Plus, this is the most effective way to learn Woody Agriculture and NeoHybrid™ Hazel management from those who know it best. If you're seriously interested in learning, it just might be a good idea to follow the advice of Mario Batali. Do you want to learn how to grow hazels?

Short Course!

We held the Woody Ag Short Course last weekend, with 18 attendees. Philip ended up with some serious stomach trouble for the weekend, so I ended up doing all the lectures. A little more than I bargained for(!), but it seems to have worked out alright.We had two days of intense presentations, including a new introduction to the Badgersett NeoHybrid breeding program, and the hands-on nut quality workshop. Half of the attendees managed to stay to stretch their legs on the farm tour Monday, which included Philip's hands-on introduction to our proprietary in-field propagation method.
The audio and presentation timing for the course was recorded this time around, and we expect to have a "first cut" set of DVDs ready to send out at least within the next few months. We will send this to all previous attendees as well, since we've been promising to send the presentations ever since the first short course in 2006. Technology and personnel will make this a lot more straightforward this time around.
This was a really great group of people, with serious interest from a number of different angles. Thanks to everybody for showing up!