Saturday, April 17, 2010

Propagation day, Sunday the 18th 9:30 AM

We'll be holding a farm work-in-training day this Sunday, April 17. Field cloning. We're attempting a serious push this year, towards the goal of transforming some acres of Badgersett Farm from research-oriented to production-oriented management. It's time.
Show up on the farm around 9:30 AM. After your first full day of farm work, you'll be earning credit towards plant purchases or up to 50% of short course or consulting fees. Plus, this is the most effective way to learn Woody Agriculture and NeoHybrid™ Hazel management from those who know it best. If you're seriously interested in learning, it just might be a good idea to follow the advice of Mario Batali. Do you want to learn how to grow hazels?


  1. Can't make it up there this weekend, and probably not the next because of prior commitments. I'm also in the process of reducing my carbon footprint from a 5-bedroom house to a one-bedroom apartment. However by summer, I hope to have some time available if you've got work to do, and I'll definitely be up again for harvest--hopefully both for a longer period, and maybe more than one.

    Hope Meg is feeling better, and say HI to Ellie for me.

    Mary Jo Burke

  2. This just occurred to me. Is there any way you could develop an annual calender (in your spare time) that indicates approximately what needs to be done during given months, and what kind of help you might need?

    I don't plan to ever plant hazels or chestnuts on my own land, (unless you develop a mini-bush that can be grown in a large garbage can) but there's no reason I can't help at other places, including Badgersett. I just need to know what needs doing, and when, so I can plan a little in advance.

    This probably belongs in a private email, but my computer's on a VPN that totally screws up my outgoing email. (Incoming's fine.) I don't need credits towards seedlings or anything else except a sense of accomplishment (well maybe a few hazels to eat).

  3. I'm not sure that I can work for free for a year right now - I've got too many young ones to finish raising! In the meantime, maybe I can work in a couple of weeks here and there - and that's where an annual calendar would be very useful!

    Glad to hear that the Short Course went well - and I hope that Phil is getting better...

    I hope to see you guys in August!

  4. Mary Jo- hope the moving goes well! I am planning to have more well-organized work sessions, with more warning beforehand, over the summer. We are working on a calendar and hope to have both a generic "growers' schedule" and a Badgersett events calendar up and sbuscribable before too terribly long.

    Eric- yeah, a year is a long time (though it does take us that long to train, say, a greenhouse employee). Shorter periods are fine too, at least for now, though we don't have housing available yet.

    Thanks for the good wishes; Elly says hi back, and Dad is indeed getting somewhat better.