Friday, October 29, 2010

Nuts to Eat!

Hello folks,

Just a quick notice- we do have nuts to eat available for shipment at the usual dates listed on our nut order page. We'll hopefully be updating that page, and potentially prices, in the next week or so. As always, ordering now will lock in today's price!

Note: our supply of Old Fashioned chestnuts is relatively low this year, and we may sell out early.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Badgersett: Processing & Distributing

Chestnut and hickory harvests are winding down, and we're moving into the next seasonal tasks: fertilizing, pre-winter pest control, firewood for the cabin, and not least of all post-harvest work for all three crops.

Hazel seed processing is nearly done, but nearly all of our hazels to eat have yet to be husked (though they have been curing in-husk since harvest). We've got a substantial amount of the chestnut harvest in the curing stage, and a few of the hickories as well. Hickory post-harvest is more experimental for us, and this year the hickory data is critical and a pain in the neck– both because the trees are getting crowded and we need to make coppice/cull decisions.

As of October 5, Badgersett Research Corp. has officially entered into the "processor and distributor" business; we've bought our first batch of nuts (unhusked and uncured) from one of our growers. We'll buy yours too, in any condition. We will currently buy fully husked and well-cured (not overheated, rancid, or over-dried) nuts, of sufficient size and fit for human consumption, for $3/lb; prices are adjusted from there based on basic quality and required processing.

Marketing your own crop is definitely doable, but it takes substantial time and energy. We've got the demand already lined up, from small-order direct sales to requests for container-loads per week (which we won't be filling for some time...). Now, you've got access to those markets through us!

We'll pay by check, or (for a 15% bonus) in credit with BRC for plant or consulting purchases. We can estimate the yield and pay you at delivery, or pay using known yield after processing. Due to our limited resources and the associated increased risk, payment at delivery will invoke a 5% lower payment.

THIS YEAR ONLY: we'll provide full yield analysis of your crop for no additional charge. We expect this to be offered for a fee in the future.

We've got enough folks around that we can take delivery at almost any time, but you can call ahead at (888) 557-4211 x7 to verify that somebody will be at the farm to take your delivery, particularly if you want payment at that time.