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Update Oct. 5 2017: see the blog post on this event here.

July 21 2017: We will NOT be having the regular August Field day this year; primarily because we have a huge hazel crop, and really need those days to be doing harvest.  Of course- if you want to come anyway- and pick beside us- we could use the help!

We DO have an August event; Aug 5 the U of MN Silvopasture Workshop will tour here.   Details available here.

Update July 20, 2016: Our Annual Field Day is Aug. 20 this year.  There will be more to see than ever before; new plantings, old; a heavy hazel crop this year... keep in touch for details

Update April. 27, 2016:

We've just decide to launch a new annual event; currently called Lamb-Blossom-Mom Day...
This will be May 8th this year; also Mothers Day.  Come and share our wonderful with us; bring your Mom - and your kids.

Update Nov. 10:

Philip will be one of the featured speakers at the U of MN sponsored Climate Adaptation Conference; in Minneapolis, January 28, 2016; all details at that link.

Update Oct. 8:

Pick up your first gallon of chestnuts - FREE!  No kidding.  We've got so many we can give them away this year.  Be aware that picking up chestnuts in late October is not fast!  And bring leather gloves to push the fallen chestnut burrs out of the way.

Posted Sept. 17.

Yes, we're having a Chestnut Field Day again this year- partly because of the enormous help the sheep and horses have provided- we've actually got chestnut groves sufficiently open and moveable so we can walk you through!

We hope to provide YOU with a chance to split chestnut fence rails.

What?  Yes; we have that much chestnut wood- we're harvesting; must, in fact; and; we need the fence rails!

We'll offer "pick your own" chestnuts - which is really "pick up your own", of course; although this is likely to be after the peak chestnut drop, there will still be plenty for you and your children to start re-establishing the old custom of "nutting" - and gathering enough for your holiday meals.

Stay tuned!- More as soon as we can-

Aug. 13.

Something we've come to know in the past several decades; the word "sustainable" - is a synonym for "slow".

Complex systems take time to assemble, time to comprehend and appreciate, and time to manage.  "Fast" - pretty much always means corners are being cut somewhere.

This year's Field Day is going to reflect that concept of "slow".  We will probably not be having regimented tours; leaving on time, exactly addressing little bits.  Expect, rather, abundant time to wander around; see for yourself, and ask all the questions you like.

We have managed to get plenty of representative nut rows mowed and cleared so walking and seeing is easy.  And in the process, I've spent plenty of time cussing the work; much of which sheep would do faster and far better.  If we only had enough sheep; and shepherds.  Sweat and diesel looks increasingly stupid to me, as we learn more about the sheep.  (Yes, and the horses too.)

Come, and you'll see!

The hazel harvest is just barely underway, as our "on the cool side" summer slows the main crop; the chestnut crop looks great, and is easily seen everywhere (blight and all); and the hickory/pecans took terrific, as usual.

The weather forecast is bright, pleasant, and on the warm side.  We've got shade, though - lots of it.

Posted July 15

This year our Annual Field Day is as early as it is possible for it to be- August 15th.  We decided decades ago to fix the date as the 3rd Saturday in August every year; and this year August 1st is a Saturday- so here we are.  This will be our 24th.

There will be plenty to see - we'll be putting updates here as we can; meanwhile, you can check out our website information from other years; much of the detail will be similar.

Camping- is welcome!  We can only offer primitive facilities, but we'll have sites mowed and water available; camp before or after.  And if you want to stick around longer, and learn more; yes indeed, we can use some volunteer workers.

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