Friday, October 20, 2017

It is not going to rain HERE on Saturday-

UPDATE, Sat morning, Oct 21 - We're going ahead with the event today, Sat.  Other options look worse.  We got just enough rain to wet the grass this morning; but it's stopped and isn't supposed to start again until 7 PM.... See you there!
Update Sun. 22: It didn't rain.  Except at 8 pm - 1.44".  :-)

I've been watching all the weather predictions like a hawk all week, and in spite of a few weather sites saying casually "rain on Saturday", that's a major oversimplification.  It will certainly rain in Northern Minnesota, a little, tomorrow; but we're in the extreme SE corner, and often the standard predictions just do not apply to us.

This is one of those occasions - according to 40 years of watching weather and predictions- it is NOT going to rain here tomorrow - until after the sun goes down.  And it's likely that will be very light.  Sunday - it's much more likely we'll be wet.

Open House will be Saturday.   Fall color here is near peak- and gorgeous this year!

The neohybrid pecans, seen to the left, are a mix of very bright, and almost fully colored.  Some of the chestnuts are bright, though in most years they mostly fade quickly

Come and see!

Besides the cider and nuts - you'll see some of our livestock-for-mowing crew-

And they can be pretty interesting, too!  Check the information post for times etc.

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