Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turns out, it was actually a tornado.

We did get hit with intense storm winds a week and a bit ago. I was actually watching it hit, out the house windows, with Eleanor. To me it looked like a "downburst"; very high straight-line storm winds. We saw big trees breaking; and it left our woods-road blocked with several big oaks down across it.

Now it turns out, it was indeed a documented tornado, that worked its way across much of Fillmore county. Pretty exciting.

What hit us was clearly not the horrific circulating winds of a tight "finger"; but it was some part of a tornado, nonetheless.

We lost 3 big apple trees that were uprooted. But the damage to the hazels, chestnuts, and hickories, was really extremely slight. That part, at least, is encouraging.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

LIMITED TIME: Survivor Butternuts ready to ship!

Hello folks,

Even with the tornado last week and missing staff this week, we are working through the shipping queue for standard hazel tubelings– this week we should be getting to ship hazel orders paid last December and January. Chestnut and hickory shipping is still a few weeks off, however.

Also, our new secretary is starting to get up to speed and should be able to handle some of your more urgent customer service inquiries tomorrow.

---->>> This note is about Butternuts, ready to ship this week! These are our Survivor butternuts, see the Butternut catalog page and Badgersett Bulletin 8 for details, but NOT for current pricing, which is below.

We were able to dig most of our remaining bare-root butternut nursery stock this spring. This is 6-0 and some 7-0 stock, which was coppiced last year and has grown back. Although there may be a very few available next spring, this may be the last time we ship butternuts for five years or more.

Rather than sell by age this year we are selling by size:

Normal, 30-40 available: tops about 12-24", at the old 5-0 prices:

1–5: $14.60 ea; 6-15: $11.20 ea; >15: $8.50 ea

Magnum, 15 available: tops generally 24" or over, with particularly robust root systems.

$18 ea.

Shipping and handling is $18 for orders under $100, or 15% for orders over $100. This is higher than for our other plants, because they are substantially larger and it takes more work to get them from our field to your forest.

These will ship "as soon as possible", this week and early next week; we'll try to do particularly quick turn-arounds on the butternut orders because there are only a couple of weeks left before they start getting too delicate to ship safely.

To place an order, use the prices above and the email form linked here.