Sunday, June 5, 2011

Turns out, it was actually a tornado.

We did get hit with intense storm winds a week and a bit ago. I was actually watching it hit, out the house windows, with Eleanor. To me it looked like a "downburst"; very high straight-line storm winds. We saw big trees breaking; and it left our woods-road blocked with several big oaks down across it.

Now it turns out, it was indeed a documented tornado, that worked its way across much of Fillmore county. Pretty exciting.

What hit us was clearly not the horrific circulating winds of a tight "finger"; but it was some part of a tornado, nonetheless.

We lost 3 big apple trees that were uprooted. But the damage to the hazels, chestnuts, and hickories, was really extremely slight. That part, at least, is encouraging.

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  1. Totally off the subject - but you have commented on how ravenous squirrels can be around the hazels. Found this link and thought of you: