Friday, April 29, 2011

More Plant Shipping, Nut Shipping

Remember: standard tubelings don't ship before 5/15; we usually field-plant most of our own in July.
Bare-root dormant shipping is delayed; we have very few orders for the material we actually have on hand. We do not have XL, XL-select or L-select bare-root dormant hazels. We DO have quite a few bare-root dormant hickories, and chestnuts (except for Tree type) available. If you are early on the shipping queue or antsy to get your plants in the ground, we may be able to convert your order to Bare-Root Dormant for chestnuts, hickories, or Medium or Wildlife hazels.
We'll be working hard to get these things figured out in the next few days, and should be able to start shipping early next week.
Ryan, who is working overtime to make up for some of our backlog, is currently working on processing hazel nuts to eat; if you've got a paid hazel and/or hickory order with us it should ship on Monday or Tuesday.
If you're near Lanesboro, tomorrow we'll be at the 2011 Root River Earth Day Celebration put on by our friends at Eagle Bluff. We'll be selling hazels and hickories to eat, t-shirts, smokewood, and some chestnut food products under development.

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