Thursday, August 12, 2010

Working in the Chestnut Shade

--- This post is from Meg, who due to my swamped-ness isn't yet an "official" author on this blog. -BLR -----

It is HOT today. The weather sites on the internet claim that the temperature in Canton MN is 90 F and the thermometer on the north wall of the cabin is reading 89F in the shade. So I would conclude that it is HOT.

We were doing harvest and other related field work this morning, but we abandoned that in the heat and are now working in the shade of the chestnuts. The plan is to do some pruning and clearing out to make chestnut harvest a tiny bit, or a whole lot, easier.

Hazel harvest is trickling in. I hope it will wait to crush us in an avalanche of nuts until I am in the cast so I can actually go out and help the field crews.

Brandon is continuing to scare the crows with the shotgun. If luck holds he'll hit one or two that we can hang up as a warning to other crows to enter our fields at their peril. Not that he's a bad shot, but crows are really smart. He's also wrangling the field workers and volunteers. Sometimes I wonder if it's a bit like herding cats, but they are getting a lot of work done and we are grateful for the help.

Philip is working on press releases and the tour content for the field day. He's sequestered upstairs with earplugs in so he can actually work and not be driven insane by Elly the Dervish. He, and all of us at Badgersett, are hoping to make it a really great event this year. Hopefully we'll see some of our readers and friends there.

Consequently, I am writing this quick update. I hope you liked it.



  1. I just came across this article about controlling crows naturally before I started reading this blog for the first time. Here is the link for it. I hope this will make it easier to control those crows in the future and help save the bees from CCD.

  2. Good luck. Sounds like you need to attract a resident falconer, or more neighbors who will become beekeepers, or something similar that wouldn't take you all away from your work.

    As an aside, there's a blogger bug -- infesting a lot of blogs lately -- which _might_ be something Blogger would be able to fix for you if you ask them. Symptom is that the 'Post a comment' link isn't working, and I have to 'view source' and copy out the HTML link, paste it into a new window, which gets me the comment editor.
    Then when I post it, it'll probably show me a Captcha test page, or something.

    It's been reported a lot and fixed over and over by Blogger. Just afflicts Firefox users as far as I know.
    Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; Intel Mac OS X 10.6; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100722 BetterPrivacy-1.47 Firefox/3.6.8

    Again not something you should waste time on. When the inline comment box was a draft feature it was discussed here:
    Now it's become standard, and I think breaks older blog code since that time.

    When I 'preview' I get what looks like your blog page with no comment box.
    When I do PageBack, I see the embedded comment box with comment, properly.
    Clicked 'edit' to add this.
    Now I'll try to post it, and
    Yep, empty page, then I do PageBack and
    Yes, now I get the Captcha challenge

  3. Ah, this works fine (today using Firefox 4.0beta3)