Friday, August 20, 2010

Field Day: More Details

A few quick updates and details about the field day as we do our final day of preparation:
  1. Remember, use the map on our website to find us- navigation systems usually don't work.
  2. Registration starts at 9:30 this year. First tours at 10.
  3. Morning tours: Woody Ag, and Mature Hazel Management. Hazel coppice demonstration!
  4. If things go well, we'll have a lunchtime raptor roost raising.
  5. Afternoon tours: Hybrid Hazels (possibly including harvest demo), and Animals in Woody Agriculture. Farm-hatched guinea keets!
  6. 3 PM other demonstrations and discussions start, possibly including fertilizer demo; brush puller demo, and husking. Q&A session.
The weather is looking pretty good; we hope you'll be able to make it!

1 comment:

  1. Once again - I learned something about hazels, chestnuts and growing them that I didn't expect to but wouldn't have learned if I hadn't been there - the Animal tour was very enlightening! Thanks so much for inviting us to your farm - we greatly enjoyed camping there and catching the morning sun in the fog!!!

    And, once the fog lifted, the conversation wasn't half bad, either ;)

    Eric and Lisa