Sunday, August 1, 2010

19th Annual Badgersett Field Day, August 21 (and HARVEST)

Every year we have our annual field day on the third Saturday in August; this year that is about as late as it can get– the 21st. Hazel harvest will be in full swing at that point; there may be fewer nuts left on the bushes but there will be more in processing.

We've been a little slow in getting the reminders out for the field day this year, partly because we're trying to nail down a machine harvest demonstration for the field day, and would like to include that in our notices, and it will have a substantial effect on the schedule of the day. Other than that, the form will be quite similar to last year, so you can start your planning based on that in the meantime.

As always there is a lot more for me to say here, but I need to get our greenhouse worker trained in watering today so that I can be out in the field more for harvest. We'll be posting notices about farm work scheduling (for harvest, hawk roost raising, etc) in the near future– let us know if you want to be on the weekend worker list!


  1. Hope to get up again for the harvest, if not the field day. Should we use last year's sign-up form?

  2. Yes, although I must admit I forgot there was a sign-up form last year. Do you mean the e-mail address to use for scheduling?

  3. I may have imagined the sign-up form! I'm not (&won't be) a grower, so I'd just like to come up for the grunt work, preferably for 3 days at a time. Weekdays are also OK for me, if that would be any help. (If I'd be in the way on a weekday, I'll stick to weekends.)