Friday, August 9, 2013

2013 Field Day: Saturday, August 17

Come join us on Saturday, August 17; there is much to see, as always. We've got three acres of hazel tubelings we just put in on the back hill in July, right next door to the field of hickory-pecans that's starting to come into actual production, currently being mowed by the sheep. Our hazels have another very serious crop set this year; it's running late from the cold and wet, but it's still on its way. Some of the highlights:
  • The spring was very late, and continuing lack of heat in the summer is giving rise to a substantially later than usual ripeness profile for most of the hazels. You'll get to see nearly the whole crop on the bushes this time around!
  • Big crop this year, even after last year's drought.
  • The cool, wet year has also shifted which pests are most prominent.
  • We've got a new field of tubelings just planted at the end of July. Come see what a freshly machine-planted field of hazels should look like!
  • A focus on pre-harvest pest and field management.
As usual, we've got both introductory and advanced tours on Woody Agriculture, focusing on Hazels. The advanced tours are still TBD; provide feedback in the comments on what you'd most like to see.

Suggested possible advanced tours:

  • Establishment and Nuts on the North Hill, including our field of Hickory-Pecans just now coming into production, and blight on pure American Chestnut
  • Biomass and Mature Field Management. Things to do with all the wood, and long-term weeds.
  • Pest Management and Hazelnut Harvest

Also as usual, special Field-Day discounts on plant order handling, and no minimum order. Special Very Early Bird discount for the 2013 Woody Ag Short Course!

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