Friday, June 8, 2012

Shipping and Planting and So On!

Yes, we are still taking plant orders for 2012. Hopefully I will get the actual website updated with that information soon.

We are indeed shipping, and have made it through a fair amount of the queue– we are up to date on many of our hazel types, but still behind the requested ship dates for chestnuts and hickories. Working on remedying that as I type, getting more planted in the greenhouse.

We also planted about 1500 research-grade bare-root dormant material in the field here on Badgersett Farm last weekend. I'll try to get pictures posted soon.  They're doing well, and we'll need to water them again soon, since it's been dry, sunny and windy.
So On includes that we're selling plants, nuts and t-shirts at the Mabel Farmer's Market on Saturdays now.

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