Monday, June 18, 2012

Bonfire & Huge Hazel Crop-

Folks, if you are reading this blog; YOU ARE invited to come to Badgersett- in two days- for our Annual Summer Solstice Bonfire.

In case you aren't aware; we've been doing a big bonfire on the summer solstice for about 16 years now.  There's nothing "new agey" about it- it's simply a chance to notice that: half the year is gone.  Oh; and a chance to relax for a little with friends.  Eat a brat or two.  Watch kids run around and holler and chase fireflies.  And talk.

This year, for those interested in the crops we work on here- this is a great chance to take a look at what is shaping up to be the heaviest hazel crop in over 10 years.  A huge number of bushes have "maximum" crops coming-

These nuts are far from full size at this point; and many hazel bushes with beaked hazel in their hybrid background are have nuts that are still barely visible.  But; overall; the crop is looking enormous.

Which is good.  But it's going to be exhausting; and for us, it means we need to take more data, in preparation for- next year.  Because it's the bushes that have a big crop this year; AND next, that are the ones we need to be breeding with.

So - if you can; COME for the bonfire, June 20; people start arriving around 7:30- 8; kids and grandparents please come too; bring a couple chairs to sit in, maybe a potlucky dish, though we provide basic brat-dog materials and marshmallows.  We light the fire at 10 PM; full dark.  It's spectacular if you haven't seen it.  These things used to be widespread community traditions, but for many reasons have faded into the past.  Shouldn't

Come see!  And relax.  (It may be your last chance to relax until January, so get some in now.)

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