Thursday, December 17, 2009

Post #1

Hello folks, and welcome to the new blog for Badgersett Research Corporation. We have had a blog site for some time: the Woody Agriculture Weblog. We'd like to thank the folks at Exodus Online Services for setting that up and hosting it for us since 2002.
That said, we figured it was time to seriously update our news ability, and for the moment that means Blogger. We expect to eventually be moving this directly onto the Badgersett site. We will also be moving the posts from the old blog to the new one. But for now, look here for new news and there for old!

Comments will be lightly moderated- we will accept anything that is not spam, libelous or trollish. Debate and discussion are encouraged!



  1. This is great I will be watching for info. Spring is not that far away and I need to get ready. I forgot to order more plants!

  2. Hi,

    I've planted Badgersett and others' hazels for years. I've found that the Badgersett hazels produce nice nuts, but generally don't thrive as well.

    I've also found that despite my best efforts the deer keep the hazels severely pruned.

    My question: About eight years ago I purchased chestnuts from you. They all struggled for a year or two and then died. I've heard since that at least three feet of matting is needed around chestnuts if they are going be become established. Is this true?


    Tom in Dubuque Co.

  3. Tom in Dubuque - we appreciate the straight talk.

    I'm going to answer your query here as a new post, in detail, with photos.

    But first, I'd appreciate it if you would answer, here, this question: Have you attended our Short Course?

    My guess would be, no.

  4. Hi,

    No, I haven't been able to attend a short course. I work overseas and am only back in Iowa for a month or so every summer. Thus I put the bushes in the ground, do everything I can to help, and then leave them to their own devices.

    Not the ideal situation, I admit.

  5. Hello Phil, Megan, Brandon; Hope this day finds you well. Just a short question today; we have all read that hazels need a cross pollinator. If I get all of my hazels from you, do I need to get some from other sources as well, say Arbor Day Farms, or will your plants provide the cross pollination necessary? Thanks, Gary.

  6. Gary- short answer; no. We make an effort to get good genetic diversity into each order we send out; at this stage in the development of the crop, that's crucial; we need to find SOME plants that can thrive in your location, at least.

    And just for the record- all the hazels actually growing and producing at Arbor Day Farms- are Badgersett hazels; and no, we don't get a penny from their sales.