Monday, May 11, 2015

Welcome! and slow.

Congratulations to our secretary, Sara, who delivered a healthy baby girl last week! Please be understanding of some slower-than-usual communication for the next few weeks...

We will be starting shipping tubelings in a serious way this week, even so.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Hazel Tubeling Availability Update

We still have thousands of Badgersett Standard hazel tubelings available for this season, and we might have specific machine-picked types left (depending on the actual viability of years-stored seed, which varies).  We are essentially SOLD OUT of all other types of hazel tubelings for 2015.
If you place an order with one of our many other tubeling types, and allow substitutions: we will get as close to your desires as we can, and in some cases may still be able to fill the order as you desire.

Orders with "no substitutions" for anything other than Standard and Machine Picked will have to wait for 2016 at this point.

Planting is in full swing in the greenhouse, and we've got thousands of hazels soaking up today's sunshine!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Badgersett computers off-line;

Yesterday; and today- and likely for a few more; email contact with Badgersett will be a bit chancy; we're doing a major server and individual computers software update-

Back as son as we can; and who knows, maybe functioning a bit faster.  Wouldn't that be great?


Sunday, October 19, 2014

The price of peanuts in China—

When you're thinking about neohybrid hazels as a "crop"; it's a really good idea to starting learning about nut crops around the world.  At the moment; what happens to one crop, anywhere, is likely to affect almost all other nut crops, everywhere.  A good example; the peanut crop in China may be the lowest on record- due to drought in the interior.

It's also good to see, and learn, what an "industry" is--

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

2014 Key Hickory Data to Be Collected

Hurrah!  We are anticipating a bumper crop from the hybrid hickory-pecan (a.k.a hickories)plantings... both the one near the picnic area and on the back hill.  Data from this crop will be the first of multiple years of data collection that will enable us to make well-informed decisions for our first selection cycle in this "crop-in-the-making". As with the hazels and chestnuts, we need to have baseline data as we begin/continue the process of crop domestication. 

Because of the bountiful harvest and the need for attention to detail, we are in serious need of additional staffing, (volunteers), who would be interested in being part of this substantial effort.  I am changing  my schedule for the next 4 to 6 weeks to work Sundays from 10 to 5 or so collecting, husking and collecting data from the hickories. The one exception is October 12th, when I will be showcasing my Babydoll lambs on a regional Sheep and Fiber Farm Tour.

For individuals interested in obtaining credit for future Badgersett plant purchases (not restricted to hickories), our arrangement is this: the first day is considered training = no credit given.  After the first day, credit will be given at a rate of $10/hour.

Overnight option: For those who may be interested, campsites and water can be made available should you wish to stay here the night before or after the day worked (or both). There is also an Amish B&B that may be of interest to you that is very near by.

PLEASE let me know if you are coming so I can plan accordingly.  During harvest season there are many competing demands and I may be putting out fires elsewhere if I don't know you are arriving.  I plan to make the trip worthwhile for anyone interested in working with me on this fascinating, multi-purpose crop.