Thursday, August 18, 2016

Annual Field "Day" - Saturday AND Sunday!

As the entire world knows, our Annual Field Day; which we've been holding every year for more than 25 years; is always scheduled for the 3rd Saturday in August - which is this weekend; Saturday the 20th.

And it looks like rain.  Really looks like rain, in this very rainy summer.  So - we'll be having Field Day activities on Sunday, too.  If Saturday is what fits your plans, and you're willing to risk the rain- we'll be here for you.  And we'll be ready for you on Sunday; too (the weather predictions look great for Sunday - at the moment - clear sky, light wind and a high temperature of only 66°F...)

This has happened only once before - but in fact we have made the decision that from now on this is how it will happen every year.

And.  Even BIGGER NEWS - we've made the decision to be formally "OPEN" - on ALL the weekends, from this start in August - until Christmas.  If you can't make it here for our Field Day; you'll now be able to just COME - any Saturday or Sunday; from 1 to 6 PM.

And.  Besides 'seeing the sights' - on those days you will now be able to "Pick Your Own!" - both hazelnuts and chestnuts.  When they're ripe, of course.

We'll show you how, and teach how to handle them afterwards.  We're going to be learning how to teach and show, of course; but we're ready to do that.

So.   COME SEE.  Come pick.  Come talk.  (And come buy; we do have products to sell nowadays.)

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