Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Lamb—Blossom—Mom Day!!

We're having a NEW EVENT - coming up May 8, which yes, is also Mother's Day!

This is kind of short notice - but in fact this was simply a new thought for us; and sounded like so much fun we decided we had to do it.

The lambs - now happen every year- and they are simply a joy, for everyone who sees them.  Trying to count them, the other day (we're up to 14 I think; more coming) - it hit me - I wish we could SHARE this joy with our friends.  No, not making that up.  We want to share the wonderful bits.

And although yes, this is a crazy busy time for us, with planting in the greenhouse, ground prep for outplants, and blah blah blah - we DO take time to smell - not the wild roses yet, that will be in another month; but- if you've been here, you know we also have apples- actually about 80 trees; and not silly dwarfs tied to sticks; but BIG 35 year old Standard sized heritage apple trees.

And we have Apple Blossom Time, every year- now, with lambs!

Here is SOME of what you'll see- and stay tuned, we have a lot more we'll explain about Lamb—Blossom—Mom Day as soon as we can get it up and info out.
Apple blossom yesterday -

Our big pear tree- full flower right now; always earlier than apples
This is not a day focused on learning- it's focused on joy.  Bring your Mom!  Or come and watch ours- and all the beauty.

(And yes, we'll have stuff on sale- for you to buy for Mom... quite a lot more items than ever before...)

Apple blossoms are pink - before they open, like these; then the trees show white.  This tree will likely be past bloom by May 8; but we have many that won't even start for another week yet.

Trying to time a blossom viewing event is always tricky - but this year May 8th is looking like it should be very close to peak apple blossom time.  Our 2 pears always blossom a week ahead of the apples; and the pears burst out full just yesterday-

The Mystery Bloom below is usually just a bit later; but this year with all those warm days; we could get lucky May 8th and have plenty of them to see.  These astonishing Spring ephemera are very nearly entirely unknown, even to wildflower enthusiasts.

But as showy and simply gorgeous as a tropical Bird of Paradise blossom...
We're Not Telling you what this is - but if we're lucky, we'll show you these, May 8th!!
No, it's not an Orchid... but we have thousands here now - for a few days every year...
Our apple orchard trees are now even bigger than this photo from 5 years ago - bring your Mom, and walk...

Full Apple Tree; from another year

 The apple orchard is now grazed
The lambs snuggle into the hazels, by instinct, while Moms graze...
every year by the sheep; so the walking is a pure pleasure.

Yes, we intend to have lambs situated so you - and your Mom - and your kids - can hold them, pet them.

Lambs and Moms- still working for us even at this time!  They're mowing grass and clearing weeds for hazel coppice...

 We'll have a bunch of fascinating things to sell - like Icelandic fleece-

All this wool - will be for sale (raw fleeces yet) Here on May 8!!

Check Back Soon- More info as fast as we can.  Sunday; May 8 - 11 AM to...

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