Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Open House - What To Bring-

Folks who are intending to come to our Fall Open House tomorrow, Sat. Oc. 17, will want to be a bit prepared.  For one thing, the temperature when we open at 10 AM is currently forecast to be around 28°F; a considerable change from even yesterday.

Dress warm!  But it may also warm up fast with clear skies and strong sun.

Depending on how long the temperatures are below 28° overnight, it is possible that chestnuts on the trees may be actually frozen tomorrow morning.  They become inedible almost immediately in that case, and any green burrs will not longer open.  But- nuts already on the ground are at near 0 risk of freezing; the ground is still very warm.

Less obviously; you need to be sure your group have shoes on that will withstand walking in layers of chestnut burrs-

Those spines are sharper than needles, literally, and easily penetrate fabric shoes.  It's possible to wear fabric among burrs, but it requires constant care.

Likewise, if you and your family want to take us up on our offer of a FREE gallon of chestnuts; you will definitely want to be prepared with strong leather gloves, to nudge the burrs out of your way.  It would be a good idea if you could bring something like a gallon icecream bucket; our supply there is small.

It's shaping up to be a lovely October day - please join us!

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