Monday, August 31, 2015

Hazels are ripe!

We're about 2 weeks late this year with main hazel ripening; we had a late spring, and cool summer.  But; finally; we're at early peak; if you're not already picking; get out and check!  The crows and jays are working.

And!  DON'T Forget!  Some of the neohybrid hazels have been BRED to NOT look ripe!  So as to fool the jays and crows.  I was far more successful at that than I expected.  Check the nut inside the husk do NOT rely on the color and condition of the husk!

If you're interested in helping out here at Badgersett - you can now send Megan Rutter a Facebook message, and she'll get it via smartphone, right then, as we pick; and tell you where to join us!


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