Monday, February 13, 2012

Badgersett Research Farm 2012 Internship Posting

Through most of the '90s, Badgersett had interns most summers. Our experience with them varied, but we had many good experiences. We stopped offering internships following a couple of less-good years, and our realization that at the time we were not able to provide the interns with enough support in their learning.
This year, we are happy to announce that we are once again ready to support interns. We'll prefer upperclassmen and graduates, but really the most important traits are openness to learning, enthusiasm, and ability to work.
Please feel free to cross-post this opportunity and send it along to people you think might be particularly well suited to an experience here.


Woody Perennial Agriculture Internship (room & board)

Badgersett Research Corporation, the originator and developer of Woody Agriculture, is looking for 2-3 sensible, motivated, inquisitive individuals for a 13 week on-farm experience. Interns will gain the most advanced hands-on experience available anywhere, in the nuts and bolts of ecologically integrated management, planning and establishment of Woody Ag (nut) fields. Field experimentation, hybrid swarm breeding, animal integration, greenhouse production and green off-grid building will all be introduced, and particularly-directed individuals may be able to choose an experience focused in one of these areas.
In exchange for room and board, two individuals will also be involved (15 hours/week) in day-to-day operation of a sustainable small farm, greenhouse and organic orchard. Housing includes a room shared with the other intern, and other living space shared with Badgersett’s research associate in a renovated, former-Amish home.


Minimum requirements are having completed college-level biology and ability and willingness to work outside in most weather doing physical work and getting dirty (lots of walking, repeated light to medium lifting). Also required is an appropriate attention to detail (working with research projects) and willingness to accept instruction. Preference will be given to individuals with some farming, gardening, power equipment, or animal raising experience. Experience in and evidence of a commitment to personal involvement in sustainable agriculture and living is also preferred.


Time Commitment

Hours can vary with the tasks at hand, but expect 8-9 hour days 5-6 days a week. Some days will be longer. Duties will include greenhouse tending, field planting and maintenance in addition to the research projects in which you will participate.

Application Process

Send a résumé and contact information for 3 references to, along with a one-page cover letter addressing at least a) What has motivated you to apply for this position? and b) What skills and interests do you have which you see fitting in particularly well here? Please send application materials as PDF attachments. Selection will begin on March 1 and continue until all positions are filled.
Fore those with a very serious interest in and dedication to sustainable agriculture, we are also taking applications for long-term apprenticeship; a two-year experience for an unparalleled learning opportunity in perennial crop agriculture and off-grid living.


Badgersett Research Corporation (BRC, is a pre-IPO, dynamic company which has been working for 30 years to transform agriculture into a nondestructive enterprise. BRC is the originator and developer of Woody Agriculture systems, whose primary products are advanced hybrid nut-producing plants, and the technical know-how for growing, harvesting and marketing these crops. Our products have growing demand in both domestic and international markets.

Some quick links to give you a more complete idea of who we are, and what we do:

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