Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Updated chestnut peeling video

We're pretty proud of the fact that we've actually invented a new way - or two new ways - to peel chestnuts.

Here's the YouTube video; this is the long version, for Method 1. We had to split the video into two pieces for You Tube, so Method 2 is separate. For those in a hurry; there's The Short Version, which has both methods and much less commentary. (Plus, I don't sing, in The Short Version, so you can escape that hazard if you wish...)

Another thing we're proud of, is that a few years ago our chestnuts were featured in a substantial article by Corby Kummer, Senior Food Editor of The Atlantic Monthly.

He liked them. Quite a lot. Corby cooked most of his in the microwave; cutting them in half (at our suggestion). If you use a microwave; be sure to use Method 1, not Method 2- the microwave heats them so fast that sometimes #2 is just not enough area to let steam out, and you may have an explosion even though they're pierced.


  1. I've tried the parboiling now. It's incredibly easy, compared to the torture I've endured all my life.

    What strikes me is the simplicity; and how obvious the idea is. My guess would be that in a few years, no one will ever cut that x and they'll laugh at us for ever doing it.

    Obvious. But nobody else ever thought of it. That's a hallmark of great ideas, and great thinkers.


  2. Hi! I came over from SmittenKitchen; just wanted to say I've tried it- and I love it! Fabulous! You've saved my life!

  3. Love your voice! When are you releasing your Holiday Songs album?! ;-)

  4. oh, yeah, LOVE the method too! It is sooooo easy!