Friday, February 12, 2010


After seriously launching this blog- of course- I accidentally let one of my mailboxes fill up.  It's an older email address, but still-

If anyone made a comment in the last two days; or sent me an email, and you haven't had a reply- it would be good if you could send it again.  There's a good chance the automatic notification might have been messed up by the full mailbox.

My bad.

More soon.

We're still husking hazels here, working hard on it today.

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  1. Help! I planted 2000 badgerset hazelnuts in 2002 and have maybe 300 left that have barely grown at all. To date I have gotten 8 nuts off of my plants here in SW Wisconsin. I was told to put them in the ground and they would grow and yield with little work other than mowing around them. That has not been the case after 7 full summers. What can be done?