Thursday, August 13, 2015

A Laid-back Field Day; this Saturday.

Something we've come to know in the past several decades; the word "sustainable" - is a synonym for "slow".

Complex systems take time to assemble, time to comprehend and appreciate, and time to manage.  "Fast" - pretty much always means corners are being cut somewhere.

This year's Field Day is going to reflect that concept of "slow".  We will probably not be having regimented tours; leaving on time, exactly addressing little bits.  Expect, rather, abundant time to wander around; see for yourself, and ask all the questions you like.

We have managed to get plenty of representative nut rows mowed and cleared so walking and seeing is easy.  And in the process, I've spent plenty of time cussing the work; much of which sheep would do faster and far better.  If we only had enough sheep; and shepherds.  Sweat and diesel looks increasingly stupid to me, as we learn more about the sheep.  (Yes, and the horses too.)

Come, and you'll see!

The hazel harvest is just barely underway, as our "on the cool side" summer slows the main crop; the chestnut crop looks great, and is easily seen everywhere (blight and all); and the hickory/pecans took terrific, as usual.

The weather forecast is bright, pleasant, and on the warm side.  We've got shade, though - lots of it.

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