Friday, August 9, 2013

Vote for the Badgersett Climate CoLab Proposal!

In mid June, Jonah Adels talked us into putting in a proposal for this year's MIT Climate CoLab competition. We're now semi-finalists, and need your votes to make it to the final presentation round at MIT this November, where the grand prize is $10,000. The judges like our proposal, which focuses on one of the many next steps for getting Woody Ag launched as an industry, and for getting even better plants into your fields.
Just making it to the next stage would be a huge help for getting the word out, and gaining support for Woody Ag and Badgersett. We also feel that if we make it to the final round there's a good chance we'll win the grand prize, which would go a long way towards speeding up the expansion of our production demonstration and clonal propagation work!

To make it past this stage, we need your help! Please do the following, at least up to step 3:

  1. If you need convincing, go to and read the proposal.
  2. Register on the Climate CoLab system so that you can vote. You can click here to get to the registration page right away. NOTE: each voter must register with both a unique screen name and a unique valid e-mail address. They are trying to make sure nobody cheats, which does make the process a little more work.
  3. Go back to the Woody Agriculture proposal page here, and click on the Vote for Proposal button.
  4. Share this blog post with your friends, and encourage them to vote and share! Click on the e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger or Google+ sharing buttons below.
  5. Comment with your support and suggestions here and on the Climate CoLab proposal page.
  6. Look at other Climate CoLab contests if you like, and register your vote in the 14 other contests that have entries at this stage in the game.
UPDATE: Aug. 29:

  Folks we're doing pretty ok; but we can do better, and your help REALLY HELPS.  I actually just "registered" and voted on this myself for the first time- and DID have some exasperated moments; I'm not really a Luddite, but sometimes- computers seem to hate me.  I persevered- and triumphed- when the registration form once more REFUSED to register me- but this time- "because a person with this screen name and password already exists."  Me.  I was signed it- it just didn't admit it.  But it let me vote.

PLEASE NOTE - when you're registered, and vote- you can ALSO click on the "Comments" tab- and leave a more detailed comment there.  THIS HELPS TOO!  Please- give it a few minutes.

Thanks- and we'll keep you updated.

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  1. Few ideas about agriculture have such hope to change the way we care for the land, people and the planet. I've never encountered one that was so sound ecologically.

    We desperately need to support this kind of agriculture. It could save us.

    Mary Lewis