Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hazel Maze and Pick-Your-Own Chestnuts!

A long time in the making, we are now ready to open our Amazing Hazel Maze for the month of October. The season has been good enough for our chestnuts that we have some available for pick-your-own for the first time as well- definitely exciting to pick that food out of the leaves on the ground!

Below is the note we just sent out to our email list. For directions, check the "About Badgersett" page on the main web site
We hope to see you here, and we'll post more details here as we can.

This Sunday October 7, and the remaining Saturdays and Sundays in October, from 1PM-5PM.

Hello folks,

This is a quick note going out to our "nearby" friends from us here at Badgersett– this Sunday we will be opening our hazel maze for the first time, and we'll have pick-your-own chestnuts available for the first time ever as well!  The maze will be open for the rest of the weekends in October, but chestnut harvest is tapering off and they are likely to be harder to get, and maybe unavailable, later on.
Our half-acre maze is fun for the whole family- plenty of nooks and crannies to explore, and room for the kids to run around as well!  Once you've been fully a-mazed, spend some time touring the farm or picking up your own chestnuts.
Admission is $8, $5 for children 10 and under. If you've got volunteer credit, that can be used for half of the fee.


  1. Is the cold weather hitting you there?

  2. Hank- We're starting to get regular frosts and some mild freezes. The daytime temperatures are pretty variable, but can be quite comfortable when the sun is out. On our opening Sunday we had mostly sun and some light wind, with a high in the upper fifties. Chestnuts on the ground in good shape, and the maze cuts the wind even with most of the leaves gone, so it was pretty comfy in the sunny main goal.