Saturday, April 23, 2011

Plant Shipping

We're slightly behind on bare-root dormant shipping; we should be able to start on Tuesday the 26th. In addition to all the snowstorms and such, we've had some unexpectedly missing personnel in the past month, and are a couple of weeks behind. Also, Philip had a tooth pulled on Thursday, but I'll spare you the rest of the details.
Standard tubelings are coming along well, and we expect to be starting the decapitation process to harden them for the field next week. If the weather is reasonable, this should result in first shipping close to the hoped-for 5/15 date.
Hopefully we'll be digging bare-root butternuts this coming week, and will alert those of you interested in receiving our last shipment of those for some time.


  1. The roots do have to stay moist and protected during shipping in order to keep the plant healthy. Moist paper towel works well to wrap the roots. Run the paper towel under the tap, then wring it out so it's nicely damp but not dripping wet.

  2. Yes, they do, and paper towels will work. Newspaper also works well, which is what we use, occasionally in combination with a plastic bag lining to keep the moisture on the roots and off the shipping box. Have you received bare-root plants from us in bad shape, or was that just a general comment?

    Bare roots should also be protected in the field while planting; they should not be allowed to dry out in the sun and wind while you're digging the holes. Keeping them in the damp shipping material can work just fine; many professionals planting larger numbers of small bare-root dormant trees keep them in a bucket with enough water to cover the roots.